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Hydraulic Beam & Angle Puncher

<working movie>   A070-1020.5 A040-1020 A070-1224 A070-1624 B110-1624 B110-2024 B110-2031  (B110-2424) B150-2040   (B150-2828) *New release Maximum punching thickness :  28t (28mm hole) Maximum punching diameter : 40mm (20mm thickness)   C-Channel Puncher   DCAP-75           <Specification> oval or rectangular dies are available.   <Punching dise dimension>  …

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Hydraulic Pump

Hand Pump Specification   Electric Pump Specification Dimension   3-stage Electric pump (double speed) Battery pump Specification   Order made is available.    

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Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinder   Shorty Cylinder     Low profile Cylinder     Double acting cylinder   Alminium Cylinder   Center Hole Cylinder   other cylinders – order made etc – power press  

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Stressing Jack & Pushing Machine

Stressing Jack & Pushing Machine         Stressing power conversion table   *Stressing power conversion method Cylinder effective area  = 45cm2 15.2 steel wire :  45 x 450kgf = 20.25ton 12.7 steel wire :  45 x 320kgf = 14.40ton 9.5 steel wire :  45 x 180kgf = 8.10ton      …

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Angle Cutter working movie         Specification   Angle notching machine Specification   notching, bending, punching 1. marking 2.  punching 3. notching 4. bending   example of working        

Bolt tensioner                   Nut splitter       Specification        

Hydraulic Gear puller   This gear puller is exclusive tool to pull out pully, gear, bearing wheel & etc. This product has designed to use a powerful ram’s pumping power and as it’s high efficiency, widely used in industries heavy industries and able to select various types depending on your working situation.…